Hi y’all.

Was sitting with my wife talking about food…….and realised that there are no web-resource out there for food recipes from north east india.  To put it simply, we hope this will help fill the gap somewhat.  For the less informed, food from north east india is distinct from other provincial cuisines of India. For one, its less involved, yet has amazing diversity of ingredients and flavors. It incorporates some tastes and flavors which are….well..peculiar to the region and consonates more with south asian flavors.

We hope people try out some of our posts and add in some of their’s.  I request that you keep the recipes confined to the cuisines of north east indian origin, just for the sake of manageability and clarity of the blog than anything else.


3 responses to “Hello

  1. Hi I’ve noticed that you haven’t updated since your first post. Your absolutely right- I can’t find a half decent source for north-east indian cuisine on the internet! It would be really great if you could start up again. I’m going to try your recipe for Jadoh right now. I’ve worked up my hunger, for starters.

  2. hey am glad to see your blog. have spent substantial time in meghalaya, love khasi food, adore the Jadoh stalls all over and had a tough time finding recipes to things like Pumaloi. Hope you cover these soon. Am heading to Shillong next week for a week long vacation, so pretty excited I’ll be sampling all that yum food again 🙂 good going!

  3. Debjani Guha Thakurta

    Thank you so much for this site. I’m from Shillong and really miss all the authentic Khasi food.Will look forward for more recipes. Thanks a ton 😊 God Bless 😊

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