Good Eats

Hi y’all…I will be posting a Dohjem (pork with black sesame) recipe soon, followed by some more Khasi recipes. My wife was doing some research the other day on the culinary history of Meghalaya and came across some interesting trivia which I will share in some future posts. I am also thinking of  venturing into Garo and Jaintia cuisines… not very familiar territory for me. But I guess with enough diversity of friends you can make anything happen! Also, coming up is a tear-inducing hot Naga pork ribs recipe!


3 responses to “Good Eats

  1. Namchi N. Marak

    hi, could you please post a recipe on dohneiiong? i hope i got the spelling correct… i’ll ask my mother for some garo recipes…. i know to cook somewhat but better get it from the expert… thank you in advance…

  2. You are doing immense service to India. we tried Jadoh and it was fabulous. since we are veg by birth we used tofu in lieu of Pork. it was so tasty i cannot describe. thanks a lot.

  3. Well i love northeast food… You have listed almost all my favourites… However could you please post a recipe on ‘Dai iong’ (jaintia daal)….. Hope i got the spelling correct….and Thank you…

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