Tungtap (dry fish)

This is really easy guys: I have a stock of sidol from India, which I use, but if you are not as forward looking as me, just use anchovies!! Its available in any Asian store in amazing varieties, and just pick and choose through trial and error to zero down to one that suits your palate.

There are 2 ways to make this : The “plains/bengali/tripuri/assamese” style or the “khasi/tribal” style. Today I am going with the later. Make sure that your kitchen exhaust is on, your neighbors are out and that you are not expecting any guests that day!!

Grate a onion (grate,  don’t chop ,don’t blend)

Char the dry fish on top of a flame properly (use a tong). Use you judgment on the number of anchovies you want to use, based on the size of each and your palate for pungency.

Mash it up with the onion, 1 green thai chilly (optional) , season with a little salt, some really hot ground red chilly (I use naga jalokia), and you are good to go!

Enjoy with some hot rice and mashed potato. I know places in Bangladesh where people prefer to mix some of the tungtap with mashed potato!

good eats!


10 responses to “Tungtap (dry fish)

  1. there are not only 2 types of making tungtap or the popular named Dry fish. Assam itself has more than 16 variesties of making tungtap. manipuri has numerous..however the Khasi tungtap is a delicacy for many.. thanks for the recipe

    • Thank you. There are indeed many ways of cooking dry/salted/cured fish,depending upon the type of fish and the flavor you want. I recently tried an Indonesian dish which uses dry fish and it was absolutely delicious. I am aware of several Bengali/Bangladeshi style as well as Manipuri style of making dry fish, but I am not aware of the Assamese recipes. Do you think you can share?



  2. Zoliana Chhakchhuak

    In your Khasi Tung Tap recipe you may like to add some “jayur” or szechuan pepper corns which gives the entire dish a distinctive flavour.

  3. Hmmm… Sounds delicious! I wish there were such restaurants here in Mumbai!

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  5. Tungtap is like the best chutney ever! It’s good with rice or roti, but my personal favorite is with boiled potatoes and jyllang!

  6. Tungtap is like the best chutney ever! It’s good with rice or roti, but my personal favorite is with boiled potatoes and jyllang!

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  8. For Dry Fish from North East India … you can visit shutkishidol.com and order

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